Digital Expertise Gap

Some companies don’t have any dedicated marketing resources, while some don’t have any digital marketing expertise. This digital resource gap is experienced by many small and mid-sized companies today. It’s challenging to find access to specialized, business-oriented digital expertise, or devote sufficient financial resources to hire these experts full-time.

Outsource or In-House?

For those companies that do have digital marketing resources, many believe that doing all of their digital marketing in-house will save them money and time. It may, under certain circumstances — but only if you have people on staff with up-to-date knowledge, expertise and experience in the evolving digital marketing realm. They must also know how to implement it effectively.

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and expense to stay up-to-date with the changing elements of digital marketing. These types of resources may not be affordable as a dedicated hire for small and mid-sized companies.

If you’re going to give someone in your company the responsibility of developing your strategy, understanding your audience needs and insights, writing your content, designing your website, keeping your blog active, maintaining your social media channels, etc., you first need to make sure they can deliver a high-quality effort that will effectively draw people to your website and increase interaction.

Diluted Focus – Core Competencies

Even if you do have people on staff who can handle your digital marketing effectively, it might not be prudent to have them do so. Giving them these extra duties may take their attention away from the duties they already have. As a result, they may find themselves stretched too thin, and their work may suffer.

Digital Marketing Expertise Diversity

In many cases, you’ll find that getting outside help to handle your various digital marketing tasks is a more effective and efficient use of your resources. You can let them focus on their core area of specialization in the context of your company’s needs.

In most cases, external digital marketing resources are exposed to varied levels and complexities of different client digital environments, meaning they have been exposed to diverse business development challenges that required diverse digital marketing strategies, plans, approaches, technology, and solutions.

By hiring someone who specializes in digital marketing and knows the best approaches and practices of going about it, you can ensure better quality marketing efforts and results for your company, freeing up more of your own time and resources to concentrate on what it is you do best.