Multi-Generational Approach

Rob Burns has been working in the technology sector for many years and has embraced technological change during this time, both personally and professionally. Rob has always been an early adopter of technology, and most often much ahead of the technology curve.

This technology expertise, experience and knowledge has been invaluable in his business development activities, and in adapting and transcending a multi-generational relationship development. The combination of Rob’s business experience, sales, digital marketing and his advanced technological skills has been advantageous when working with Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials and newer generations.

The information exchange and collaboration with this multi-generational approach has proven to be very effective when working with these generations. Rob has knowledge and expertise to exchange (and learn) from these generations. 

Business Based Approach

Rob’s business-based approach appears to be somewhat unique. This approach, which is also complemented by his many years of business experience, and his exposure to varying company sizes and projects across diverse industry segments, focuses on a business-understanding first or solution based methodology with Rob’s clients. Rob won’t discuss solutions or technology until he understands a client’s business, their vision, and their objectives, thoroughly.

Diverse Business and Technical Skills

Rob’s extensive expertise and skillset has shown to be very helpful to his market segment. In addition to his up-to-date and robust digital marketing capabilities, Rob also offers over 20 years of business development, sales, management and technical expertise.

These two combined areas of expertise offer perspective and insights beyond digital marketing. Rob can have a business discussion with his clients that can draw upon many types of projects and relationships across many types of business and lines of business, best practices some would call it. This is very beneficial to business owners and marketing influencers when the impact of digital marketing crosses other lines of business within a company.

Tenured  Business and Technology Background

Rob Burns’ business-first based approach began long before his formal careers and  business were in full swing. Rob was fortunate to have been exposed to entrepreneurship and the value of work before he was a teenager, holding multiple part time jobs.  Most of these jobs were with a customer-facing focus. During his early and late teens, he learned the importance of a strong work ethic, empathy and integrity from his hardworking parents.

Before Rob’s start in the technology sector, Rob managed his own business in his late teens and early twenties, and benefits from this small business experience and knowledge to this very day. This experience and exposure has benefitted Rob in many ways.

By introducing him to the importance of empathy, communication, dialogue, curiosity, asking questions, listening, being prompt, being responsive and the importance of quality of work at a very early age, as well as the opportunity to build upon these skills over the course of his lifetime.

Rob has been fortunate to enjoy a successful and tenured career in technology sales, business development and digital marketing, and the benefits of entrepreneurship, which bring him back to his entrepreneurial roots of a pre-teen.

This entrepreneurial, business and long term career knowledge continues to be beneficial to his clients. Rob has many years of business, sales, technology, customer service, and management experience, expertise and insights to draw upon.  When his clients have a unique business issue or market opportunity. It’s more than likely that Rob can share related and beneficial insights.

These additional insights can provide alternative options, suggestions or solutions that may not be evident to an inexperienced digital marketing provider. This knowledge can also be helpful when discussing solutions that can impact departments or other areas of a company.

Rob Burns’ Technology Background

Rob started in the technology sector at a very early age, and has become accustomed to changing and disruptive technologies. Change has become the norm for Rob.  He understands the value and benefits that new technology can provide to his clients and the approaches and strategies to make this change less disruptive upon implementation.

This experience, expertise and understanding of change and disruption, gives Rob a level of patience and empathy with his clients. Rob knows enough to listen first and empathize with a client before offering services, solutions or discussing technology before a client has voiced their vision or concerns. This level of experience often uncovers additional client concerns or opportunities and can mitigate risk.

Rob Burns has become quite attached to technology, and continues this passion for technology adoption to this very day. His natural curiosity about solving client or company problems has been a central point in his careers and business relationships.

During his many years in business, Rob has nurtured and cultivated a business-based approach to his solution based selling and business relationships. This approach was developed with a basic understanding of problem solving. This problem-solving approach began with Rob’s technology career based on understanding a client’s issues before recommending a solution.