You Wrote Great Content… Now What?

You wrote a great piece of content—say, a blog post—optimized it for relevant keywords, and posted it to your website. Now you need to get people to see it. There are a variety of ways of promoting your brand’s content, but one of the most popular and effective is through social media.

But there are so many different social media platforms to choose from. Do you promote your content on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? Snapchat? The answer to that question is: whatever social platforms your preferred clients are using.

gnooko can help you select the best social platforms that fit your strategy, audience and resources. We can set those accounts up for you, including writing your profile and posting on a regular basis, or we can show you how to do it yourself. We will determine a success measurement that fits with your overall digital strategy, including increased traffic from your social media accounts, engagement on social media accounts, or leads sourced from social media activities.

Social Media Accounts

If you already have your social media accounts set up, we can help manage them for you, notifying you of any potential engagement or actions that require your attention.

Posts and Publishing

We can develop a framework and schedule to post and/or publish updates on your social media accounts regularly, with the appropriate links back to your website or your blog.


We will generate a report, on a pre-set schedule, covering your social media growth or progress. We can also set up tools and dashboards for you to track progress yourself, if you require more up-to-date analysis.

Social Media Sponsored Updates and Advertising

If applicable, we will review your digital strategy with you and help you develop a plan that may include paid social media advertising, such as sponsored updates.