High Value Long-Form Content

One vital element of a lead generating website is offering your clients and future clients valuable long form content. In addition to interesting website copy, blog posts and social media, a targeted, insights based document such as a well written white paper, e-book or case study can be the fuel to initiate the lead nurturing and the lead conversion process.

The whitepaper and associated supporting copy such as landing pages, forms, email responders and supporting blog posts and social media promotion all contribute to an effective lead conversion document such as a white paper.

Authoritative Content Development

Writing content that identifies your company an authority in a specific topic or field can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Identifying the topics of interest from your personas and their insights, including their top issues and challenges, is a great place to start for your topic ideas.

gnooko can write authoritative conversion documents for you that will be appealing and interesting to your audience and personas. These documents will be written with your audience’s insights “top of mind” at all stages of their market research, buying journey or decision making stages and will be both search engine optimization (SEO) and Google friendly.