Short Term Resource or Skills Gap?

Looking to fill a temporary digital marketing resource gap at your company?

Don’t have the budget for a full time digital marketing resource?

Looking for a resource with extensive digital marketing skills and leadership to complement your staff on an interim basis?

Some companies like to do all of their marketing in house. Others prefer to obtain outside help from an independent resource, whose knowledge and experience can yield the results they want, while freeing up more of the company’s own resources to concentrate on what they do best.

Interim Digital Marketing Resource Essentials

Then there’s a middle ground: companies who need an external resource to handle their marketing efforts, but only for a limited period of time. We call these interim digital marketing resources, and there are a number of reasons why a company may take advantage of them, such as…

  • Your company is just starting out, and you want help establishing your digital marketing strategy as you build up your own resources. Or perhaps you want someone with knowledge and experience to help mentor components of your marketing team.
  • Your company is struggling, or failing to meet its goals. You need an outside source to come in and evaluate your current marketing efforts, in order to help you turn things around.
  • Your company is going through a period of transition or restructuring. Your business is changing on a fundamental level, so your marketing needs to change too. An experienced hand can help make the transition smooth and effective, as you develop and implement a new marketing strategy to align with your new business goals.
  • You’re about to launch a brand new product or introduce a new service within your company. You’re pouring a lot of your resources into the new launch, so it needs to be a success. Some extra digital marketing help would be beneficial

Manage the Resource Gap

Whatever your interim digital marketing reason may be, gnooko may be able to help you with interim digital marketing resources. To guide you through an initiative or resource gap on an interim basis that your company may be going through.

We’ll provide resources that meet your particular needs and budget. Our expertise can help put your company at the forefront of your field and help meet both your digital marketing goals and your overall business goals.