What is Your Preferred Customer’s Story?

Who are your customers? Beyond a profile and demographics… what are their specific business-related insights at all the stages of their research and decision making?

Why would they decide to work with your company… and why not?

Why did they reach out to you?

Who are your preferred prospect and clients? What is their story? Why did they decide to proceed or not proceed with you or your competition?

What are their priorities? Mandates?

How do they define success?

What are their challenges?

Who do they trust?

What is it that they’re looking for?

What problems do they have that your company can help them solve?

What Issues Are Your Future Clients Typing into Google?

As your prospective and preferred clients research their issues and problems, what keywords and or insights are they entering into Google at each stage of the research and buying cycles? What issues are they experiencing at the moment they are researching in Google?

What business triggers, anomalies or issues are they experiencing at the very beginning of their business case research or decision making stages? If you don’t know, we can help you ascertain these insights to help you, help your future preferred clients.

What Do They Want?

In order to market to your target audience effectively, first you need to understand them.

For B2B companies, this includes the organizations you’re marketing to, as well as the specific people, groups and influencers within those organizations with the power to decide whether to buy your products, solutions or services… or not.

Unlocking the Digital Business Development Code

gnooko can help you unlock that unique code. We’ll help you understand your audience in much greater detail, to understand their story and their individual and specific insights at the stages of their research, buying and decision-making journeys.

We can help you find answers to these questions, as well as others, such as what social media platforms they’re most likely to use, or what kind of digital content they prefer to consume. From there, we can help you create buyer personas to nurture your audience more effectively, creating specific content that’s more likely to appeal to them, building it around the keywords and related insights that they’re searching for, and placing it where they’re most likely to find it. The more effectively you’re able to market to the right audience, the more you’ll be able to generate more qualified leads which can convert to sales.