Audience Based Content

Our goal is to write unique, original, and focused content which is specific to your audience, to your personas and specific to the stage they are in within their buying journey.

Client Insights

What is an insight? Insights are not just factual, they go well beyond that… insights are what your client or future clients think about at all the stages of their buying journey.

Insights can be helpful when understanding client problems and opportunities that they are researching, or the symptoms of business issues they have that they are typing into Google.

These insights can be very beneficial in content creation, search marketing and social media management. They are also valuable for sales and marketing initiatives, product management, and initiatives related to business growth.

gnooko-developed content is based upon insights from your clients, your prospective clients, your preferred clients and if possible even the prospective clients that got away.

Insights Complement Your Keywords

We all hear so much about keywords and key phrases, which are vital to search marketing, however what exactly are those keywords based on?

Of course, in-depth keyword research is integral to a successful search marketing strategy. However, we need to complement that keyword strategy with persona and audience insights. These insights are obtained directly from your clients, future clients, and prospects that decided not to work with you, via persona creation and development and a persona insights interview.

Insights Acquisition Best Practices

Acquiring insights from your audience and clients is as much a science as it is an art form. Asking the right questions and having the interviewee expand on their responses can provide profound revelations and offer those unexpected insights you are looking for.

There are many reputable persona resources available and helpful persona interview frameworks to work from, which can complement the persona interview process. In our experience the level of skill, experience and expertise of the interviewer makes all the difference.

Interview Interaction W5

Our interview questions will include the Who’s, What’s, When’s, Where’s, How’s and the Why’s. What compels your audience to behave one way or the other?

We want to know the client’s decision making story from the very beginning. We’ll discuss their buyers journey details, the decision-making process and criteria, their perceptions of your company (and the perception of your company from the companies that decided not to work with you), their definition of success and their expectations for change, their priorities and their initial mindset.

When we collect this data from appropriate audience size sampling groups we can then look for trending insights by audience and persona group, which forms the basis of our persona development and content creation.

Combine those valuable insights with an effective search marketing strategy and we have the basis for effective content creation and development.

Write to People First, Optimum Search Results Will Follow

It’s not just about developing a persona profile. We go in-depth to understand your client’s issues, challenges, mandates and opportunities. This approach helps us write great content that’s specific and relevant to them.

We also know that when we write content that is appealing and valuable to your audience, Google will reward us with optimum search results.

Our in-depth business experience complements our persona interview skills, which allows us to expand on their business insights and business issues, and we can relate those issues and insights to the digital marketing strategy which ultimately supports the content we write specifically for these personas. We interview them, we want to know their story, how they solved their internal issues with the relevant projects.

These are valuable insights that we use to not only understand them but to write great content for them and their peers. We interview other clients that are similar to them, look for trending topics, and begin writing the content.

Responsiveness, Quality of Work and Integrity

We understand the importance of delivering your content on time and the importance of meeting and exceeding your expectations. We manage our content writing initiatives with project management best practices, which offers numerous advantages for content quality and helps ensure your content project is a success.

In addition to aligning your content with your digital strategy and audience, we will discuss your initiative and project timelines in depth before we start, to ensure we understand your expectations for success. No one appreciates surprises.