Before We Get Started…

Before we start building a lead generating website, we will need to understand your overall company mindset, strategy, culture, and objectives, along with your specific audience, detailed personas, and alignment with a digital marketing strategy.

We will want to know the business development problem we are trying to solve with the design and development of a lead generating website.

Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads

In order to get sales, first you need qualified leads: people with an interest in your products or services, whom you can target with your marketing efforts.

In digital marketing, one of the most effective ways of getting these leads is with a website. For marketing purposes, there will be a defined Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), while sales will have their definition or criteria for a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Sales requires that criteria to be acknowledged before marketing sends them an actual lead. If not, lead integrity will be compromised.

Content and Website Visitor Next Steps

Your lead generating website needs content, such as search-friendly website pages, blog posts, downloadable conversion documents like white papers, videos, etc., which focus on issues of importance to your target audience. They should also be built around the keywords that your target audience is most commonly Googling.

Calls-to-Action (CTA)

On each website page, there should be a call to action (CTA). Anyone who wants more information can download an in-depth white paper via a CTA or a customized landing page. From there they will sign up for an e-mail list, which provides a visitor with a simple form to collect the name and email address (or more but not too much more), which will be stored in an email/list repository for future permission-based follow up, tracking, and potential continued lead nurturing and sales conversion. Alternatively, the CTA may simply prompt the visitor to contact someone on your staff with any questions.

This allows you to separate the people who genuinely want to know about your company and products/services, from the ones who are just visiting your website in passing. Furthermore, it enables you to obtain their contact information, so that you can nurture them towards making an eventual purchase.

Your Own Digital Assets

To some extent, this type of lead generation can also be performed on social media. However, it’s important to note, unlike whatever social platforms you use, you own your own lead generating website.

Social media platform functions, lists and their policies can change at any time. You don’t own a social media platform, but you do own your own web website. This way, you have total control over the content you post, and are not at the mercy of another website’s algorithms, determining who sees your content and who doesn’t.

Social Media and its management still play a vital role in promoting your website’s blog posts and content, which will form an integral role in the website’s digital strategy and the website’s lead generating capabilities.

gnooko Lead Generating Websites

gnooko can help you design an effective lead generating website as well as create the content that goes on it, in order to find quality leads and have a higher conversion rate into sales.