We’re on The Same Team

In some companies, the sales and marketing departments are at odds. There’s a lack of communication between the two, which leads to problems when trying to convert leads into sales.

Ensuring that the approaches and overall goals of sales and marketing are in alignment is important for increasing customers.

After all, in the end, your company’s goals should be the same across the board: getting more customers, generating more revenue, improving your bottom line, and growing your business. So how can you improve sales and marketing alignment?


There are a number of approaches and marketing technology platforms that make communication between marketing and sales easier, which in turn helps alignment.

Both departments can share data freely about specific leads being nurtured, or about general trends which could be explored.

Lines of Business and Other Stakeholder Alignment

Alignment shouldn’t end with sales and marketing. All digital marketing initiatives, including sales and marketing, should align not only with a company’s overall strategy and goals, but with line of business stakeholders across the company that are or can be effected by sales and marketing.

There could be activities that sales and marketing are working on that may effect or impact Operations, Distribution, Accounting and Finance, Customer Service, Information Technology or other company stakeholders. Stakeholder feedback is very valuable and should be encouraged where and when possible.

gnooko essentials

gnooko can help you find the platforms that best suit your company’s alignment efforts, and implement them in a way that improves communication across departments.

By working together, you can help you improve both your marketing and sales efforts and grow your company in ways you never thought possible.