What is It?

An effective marketing automation platform can work wonders for your company’s marketing efforts. It’s an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to connect with your audience in a number of different ways, nurturing and tracking leads to more easily convert them into sales.

Permission Based Marketing

Many people think of spam when they hear the word “automation,” with regards to marketing. But in fact, marketing automation, when done right, is the opposite of spam – it’s permission based marketing. It’s used to target your preferred clients at all the stages of their research, buyer’s journey and decision making stages, who have specifically requested more information.

It identifies them by their particular area of interest within your company and sends them content that caters to that interest, based on their current stage in the buying cycle.

Marketing and Sales Workflow Efficiencies

By implementing a marketing automation platform as part of your digital efforts, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to convert leads to sales, while increasing your overall rate of conversion, leading to more sales and increased revenue. It can also help you keep from losing touch with previous customers, in order to increase your retention rate. When you use marketing automation right, the possibilities are almost limitless.

gnooko can help you discover those marketing automation lead generation possibilities within your company.