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The First Step You Should Take to Optimize Your Data – Validation

How Can Marketers ‘Level Up’ Their Data Analytics Capacity?

This question in itself is somewhat enlightening, when applied to data analytics. In order for you to understand that you need to ‘level up’, you must be at some point of measurement currently that leads you to believe you need ‘leveling up”. But how do you know what you need to improve, where you need improvement, and the who, when and especially the why?

Is Your Data Accurate? How Would You Know?

One approach to level up your data analytics capacity is to ensure that your data is providing you with up-to-date and timely information, and the insights that can guide and support your company’s business vision and objectives. Most companies stay in business when their employees and customers are happy, along with meeting company objectives for revenue and profitability, among other things. Your data analytics capacity should complement these objectives.

Data Validation

When was the last time you reviewed and validated your data sources, systems and outputs, and the information and insights from that data? How accurate can you say they are in supporting your overall companies objectives? Can you say with a high level of confidence that all lines-of-business that impact your company’s objectives are represented in the data? Is the data accurate and up to date, how would you know? When was the last time you audited and validated your data sources with company stakeholders to ensure that your data is accurate?

“Levelling up shouldn’t be a ‘one-time’ event. Your company is an ecosystem that should be continually evolving, adapting and changing with the market and with your customers evolving needs.  Data validation should be an ongoing activity which includes your stakeholders and lines of business requirements and metrics.” ~ Robert (Rob) Burns

Stakeholder Involvement

If stakeholders across your company were not involved with your initial data analytics project and its on-going integrity, then the information that is being presented in dashboards, reports etc., may not be timely or represented accurately.

If the information from the data is not accurate, then it may not be providing the essential data required to help your company make critical decisions and take action when needed.

Perhaps it’s time for a data analytics audit, and/or a continuous stakeholder validation and review?

If you want additional insights about the future of data driven marketing, a recent blog and eBook was recently posted by the folks at Arm Treasure Data that provides ‘expert insights” about Marketing Technology trends, check it out at  ‘The Future of Martech is Data Driven.

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Robert (Rob) Burns is the Managing Partner of gnooko Digital Marketing. Rob is a recognized specialist in digital business development strategy and its implementation. Rob has over 20 years’ experience advising companies of all sizes in various business development, sales, and marketing roles. In addition to global conglomerates, Rob has also assisted small and medium sized companies with digital marketing strategy, solutions, tactics and implementation.


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